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Rules and Regulations

Rules and Regulations

Morning Duties: Cleaning of hostels and classrooms must be done promptly by all pupils

Sports And Games

  • Every pupil must participate in sporting activities both in the morning and evening except on health grounds
  • All pupils must appear in their Sports dresses and canvas shoes during sports and games.
  • Pupils should not come to the Sports  ground with ear-rings, wrist watches, chains, keys and  sharp objects


  • All pupils must attend the dining hall punctually and must maintain silence during meals.
  • Late-comers to the dining hall will be made to serve any punishment prescribed by the teachers on duty
  • All pupils are required to use their cutlery set at  meal times and also display good table manners. Each pupil should bring a napkin to wrap the set of cutlery.
  • No pupil is allowed to take any food out of the dining hall. Any pupil found violating this rule shall be punished.
  • Pupils are not to wear pairs of slippers to the dining hall.


  • Assembly should be attended promptly and regularly by all pupils. This includes, but not limited to early morning devotions and worship services.
  • Perfect silence must be maintained during the assembly.


  • All pupils must attend full classes during the term except when the pupil is ill.
  • No pupil is permitted to stay in the hostels during the class hours. Sick pupils must report to the sick-bay.
  • Late-comers and pupils caught loitering will be punished by the duty master(s) and /or subject teacher(s).
  • There will be daily roll call between 7:50 – 8:00 am.
  • Any pupil found to be involved in any examination malpractice shall be dismissed from the school. Such examination malpractice includes:
    1. Carrying notes, written sheets of paper or textbooks into examination.
    2. Copying from other pupils.
    3. Being in possession of questions before examination.
    4. Discussing with any other pupil in the examination hall.

Siesta period between 2:40 pm  and 3:40pm is a compulsory rest  period for all pupils. Pupils must remain in bed and rest without talking or disturbing other pupils in any way. Violation of the rule attracts stiff sanction.


  • Prep period are strictly meant for studies and assignment
  • There should not be noise-making during prep  and any form of disturbance during the prep classes would attract sanction.
  • All pupils must attend the prep classes punctually and regularly and there should be no loitering during the period.
  • There will always be a teacher to supervise the prep period.

Light Outs

  • All lights must be out at 10 pm daily and all pupils must be in bed immediately
  • There should be no movement and no talking immediately lights are put out.
  • There will be regular inspection after lights out and any pupil caught violating light-out regulations will be given appropriate punishment.

All pupils must appear in the appropriate uniforms for each occasion while in the school.


  • No pupil will be allowed to go out of the school compound without an exact from the school authority. If a pupil is caught outside the school premises, the parent will be invited to write an undertaking. Recalcitrant pupil may face dismissal.
  • When going for public functions, a list of pupils must be compiled by the duty master who will check the pupils on return from such programme. Any student who breaks away from the group on outing will be severely punished.
  • If a pupil needs to go home on request by the parents for any acceptable reason to the school, the parent needs to forward a written application to the housemaster or mistress on approval by senior house master / housemistress.
  • Pupils will not be released to relations on request from parent/ guardian except a written request is produced for record purposes.
  • Pupils are not expected to sleep in rooms or beds that are not theirs. Bed must also be properly laid especially when not in use or when moving out of the rooms.
  • Pupils must always be ready for statutory Saturday inspections.
  • Every pupil going out of the school premises must carry and present on demand the exeat and must be in school uniform.
  • Parents are enjoined to cooperate with and work with the school hand-in-hand and also with the housemaster and housemistress towards making the arduous, task of running the Boarding House a huge success. Pupils should be returned to the Boarding House on the day and time stipulated for resumption and is presented for the checking-in formalities before entering the hostel.
  • Parents are not only disallowed from entering the pupils room/dormitories, they are also not encouraged to help them carry their luggage or in fixing nets etc. These are part of the basic training that every child is expected to receive and imbibe.
  • Parents should always channel their complaint through the housemistress or housemaster to the vice principal or principal.
  • All fees must be paid in full before resumption and it is a condition for admitting pupils into the boarding house.
  • Pornographic and sensitive  romantic books, pamphlets, magazine, or pictures should not be found with pupils.
  • Room captains should report to the housemaster/ housemistress promptly if any pupil is found not to be in the hostel when he/she is supposed to be there. No pupils should be found in the hostel during school hours.
  • No meeting of any sort outside approved school society or club meeting should be held by any group pf pupils except permission granted by the senior boarding housemaster/ mistress or vice-principal/ principal.
  • Visiting days will normally be the first Sunday of every month except otherwise stated. Visitors should be received at the reception hall only. Any food brought for pupils should be eaten in the reception hall.
  • Parents and guardians are allowed to visit their children on visiting days and public holidays only. On other days, they can drop messages with the matron as they may not be allowed to see their children/ wards.
  • If parents come on invitation by the school, they must present letter of invitation. No parent should come to the school on invitation by their children.
  • Residential apartment of teachers are out of bounds to pupils.
  • The official language of the school is English language. However, native language (Hausa, Igbo, Yoruba…) is encouraged on Fridays.
  • Relationship between pupils must be cordial and respectful, foul language, insults and abuses must be avoided. Male hostels are strictly out of bounds to female and vice-versa.
  • Fighting is not allowed, pupil caught fighting will be punished.
  • Pupils must be polite and obedient to the teachers. Pupil/teacher relationship should be in an atmosphere of decency and in circumstances that do not warrant suspicion or in circumstances giving room for suspicion of their intention. Violation of this will lead to very unpleasant consequences.
  • All students must eat the food provided for them by the school.
  • Willful destruction including writing on walls, ceilings etc will be accounted for

All Christian/ Muslim pupils must participate in religious activities in the school.