About Us

Our Vision

Providing a comphensive secondary school education and molding the character of young boys and girls who will grow and stand out tall among their peers in academics, commitment to duty, high morals values and service to the nation and mankind.

School Anthem

1. The Green and Gold herald the good news
And end to my diligent search
An outlet for excellence
In a serene surrounding
A school of integrity

UNAAB, UNAAB, International school
A school set apart for high standard
Unaab, Unaab, international school
A place, a place to be

2. Onward at an unprecedented place
Moving like a shooting star
The sky is our limit
Great achievers we are
Our watch word is honesty

3. UNIS we all make thee a promise
To serve with strength of heart and faith
To build and not break down
To enthrone your name on high
UNIS’ alma mater dear